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Who will look after me?

In Bumble Bees, we understand how important it is for your child to
thrive and explore in stimulating surroundings. We know that we
provide a safe and secure environment, where our staff can work together
with you and to meet every child’s individual needs.


Your baby’s key-worker will liaise with you regularly to ensure we maintain the routines you have established at home. Through your child’s personal Learning Journey, we will closely monitor your baby’s progress, recording milestones, no matter how small! Your key-worker regularly works from recorded observations to plan activities that your baby will enjoy and learn from. We like to keep you informed of eating and sleeping routines, nappy changes and activities each day in a daily diary.


Our room is equipped with a wide selection of toys, books and activities. We have a cosy sleep room with fantastic bunk-bed style cots. The private baby-only garden has many age-appropriate garden toys, climbing apparatus and cars. There is also a large, covered decking area, which keeps us out of the rain and full sun. We love to go outside whatever the weather to ensure a good dose of fresh air!



Hello. . .   let me tell you all about Bumble Bees.

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Lunch Time

I need a sleep

Let's play

Mum knows best

A change of dress

Snack Time

We have an on-site kitchen and cook fresh healthy meals each day.  Please take a look at our In The Kitchen section for lots of information about the food that we can provide. Our meals can be pureed for weaning if required or you are welcome to provide your own food.


We encourage your baby to develop their independence at meal times and provide the assistance that your baby needs. Younger babies are sat securely in a high chair at meal times whilst older babies sit at a communal table to enjoy their lunch together!

I'm hungry!

photo of staff in Bumble Bees preparing lunch at Longscroft

I'm feeling sleepy

Our cosy sleep room is kept calm and quiet so that your baby can sleep undisturbed at any time of the day.

photo of the Longscroft Bumble Bees bedroom
photo showing Longscroft Bumble Bees cts in bedroom

Let's play


It's all about play! Children learn best through play and we will plan activities that your baby will enjoy and expand their experiences.  We create a stimulating environment both inside and out so that play is always at the top of the agenda!

photo showing staff and children in Bumble Bees enjoying baby yoga at Longscroft
photo showing the Bumble bees buidling and private garden

What I like best

photo showing staff and child in Bumble Bees enjoying a book at Longscroft


We want to work with you to get to know your baby really well.  We want to know all about their favourite toys and activities as well as the practical stuff like routines.


When your baby has settling sessions with us we will ask you lots of questions to get to know your baby. We will keep this communication going throughout your child’s time at our nursery.


The daily diaries will provide you with the reassurance that your baby is being cared for in line with your home routine and can be used to keep us updated as their needs and preferences change.

Nappies and wipes


We use only sensitive wipes or cotton wool and water for the most sensitive skin.
We ask that you provide nappies as individual preferences vary so much.

photo of Bumble Bees changing room at Longscroft
Photo showing bumble bees changing area

We provide healthy snacks
and milk both in the morning and the afternoon. We vary
the snacks day to day to include a wide variety of fruit and other finger food such
as toast.


If the weather is good we love to have a mini tea party in the garden at snack time!

Snacks and milk

photo showing snack time in Bumble Bees Longscroft
Photo of boy in Bumble Bees at Longscroft drinking








I've worked in childcare for twelve years and enjoy spending my time outside of work supporting my daughter in her baton twirling hobby.

photo of Bumble Bees room leader Elaine at Longscroft



I have been Girl Guiding for 7 years, including helping out in Rainbows. I have learnt many skills through this which has helped me with my child care.


I enjoy socialising outside of work with my friends.




Hello my name is Issy and I
am 20. I have been in childcare for 3 years and I love it!


I have a cat called Tom Tom and my favourite chocolate is galaxy.




Hi, my name is Darcy. I am 18 and I am doing my level 3 qualification in Bumblebees. I have a puppy called Nala, and in my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends
and family.



I have been working with children since 1987 and at Longscroft since 2004. I cover in every room, helping out with everyday activities. I love going to the beach, watching fireworks and collecting unusual candles.

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