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In readiness for Primary school, Butterflies is one of our two dedicated rooms where the children spend their final year at Longscroft.

School readiness is paramount, and practising classroom skills is incorporated in many fun ways. Whether using fine motor skills such
as pencil and scissor control, or number and letter recognition, these are some of the essential ways we prepare the children. Working in
groups and gaining concentration are
a few of these steps we make.


We continue to utilise each child’s interests to plan activities that
extend their learning and enjoyment. Coupled with our monthly topics, our room is ever evolving through the books, toys, creative play, songs and
role-play. Social-interaction games, circle time and free-flow play are a part of daily life in Butterflies.


Working closely with local schools, Longscroft ensures each child will
meet their first teacher. Changing for PE and taking a weekly sports class is one of our much loved activities. As we approach the end of our journey, there is always much excitement as
we rehearse getting dressed in
school uniform!


Lunch time

Snack time

Outdoor play

Fun activities

Ready for school

Eating together

In Butterflies we understand that all the important features of graduating to Primary School need to be practiced. It's vital that children feel confident in feeding themselves, and eating together as a team.

photo of children eating lunch at Longscroft
photo showing children sitting at a table eating lunch at Longscroft

Yummy snacks


Now we are very grown-up we like to help with preparing  and serving our snacks! Sitting down and enjoying our snacks together is a really fun time with our friends.

photo showing children sitting down to snacks at Longscroft


Whatever the weather, being outdoors is vital. Whether we are planning run and chase, dressing up, or playing shops, Butterflies blends learning skills with a healthy dose of fresh air.


Your child can set sail in the playground, shop and cook al fresco, climb aboard the various wooden and plastic apparatus in our dedicated play park, or just dash about the grass.

photo showing children at Longscroft playing outside
photo showing two children playing in the playground boat

Playing together as a team

Gaining skills such as team work and co-ordination, go hand in hand with play. Dressing up and role-playing with your friends is a vital way to explore the social interactions and non-verbal skills needed for school.


Through art and crafts, we actively encourage all our children to enjoy their creative side and explore the world around them.

photo showing two boys at Longscroft in dressing up clothes
photo of Butterflies room children playing outdoors at Longscroft

Scissor control, shape recognition and sorting, pencil practice, and PE sessions are some of the essential skills we employ in primary school preparation activities.


We guide the children through workbooks to ensure they are recognising letter and number shapes, as well as early steps towards phonics.


Through reading, and rhyme games, our letter and sound activities lead the children through learning in a fun and imaginative journey.

I'm ready for school now

photo of children and sports coach at Longscroft







I have four children, two dogs, two cats, a rabbit and some fish. I have been at Longscroft since 2011 and am currently working towards my Degree in Early Years.



Hello, my name is Jade and I like to sleep, eat and see my friends. I have a tortoise, parrot, rabbits, a hamster, fish, dog, and a cat.

Basically I live in a zoo!



Hello, my name is Khloe. I am a level 2 Apprentice, soon to qualify as level 3. I have been working in childcare since March 2018.

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