In Dragonflies, it's all about moving from a baby to a busy toddler, and exploring the world more widely. Our room is dedicated
to children aged between 2 to 3 years old.


During this meaningful stage in a child's life, they become more independent, and vital social skills are developing quickly. We find that many new friendships are being made at this stage, which often carry on through the nursery and into primary school!


Messy play is a significant and constant activity in Dragonflies. We utilise many resources such as cornflour, paint, chalk, jelly, and baked beans (to name but a few!) in a variety of imaginative and fun ways. We also spend a lot of time outside, particularly in our dedicated free-flow garden. Based on the interests of the children and the weather, we change our equipment around regularly. Children also benefit from a good dash about in our playground, and can build on their social skills with interactive role-playing in the playground shop or aboard the static boat.


We fully support all areas of potty-training when your child is ready, and work with you to ensure that this part of your child’s development is as smooth and worry-free as possible. Our bathroom is equipped with toddler sized toilets, as well as low-level sinks. And when it comes to food, we are there to supervise and encourage practice
in those difficult motor skills needed when self-feeding.



All about our room

Who will look after me?

Hello. . .   let me tell you all about Dragonflies.

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Lunch Time

Growing Up

Snacks and drinks

ABC's &  123's

Fun Activities

Outside Play


We are able to provide a healthy two course lunch or you may provide your own food.  Eating can be a messy business at this age but is an important part of learning!

What about

my lunch?

photo of a boy covered in food from Dragonflies at Longscroft
photo showing boys feeding themsleves in Dragonflies, Longscroft

Taking steps forwards


As well as learning to interact with other children, your child will be taking important personal steps in their development. We work closely with your child to encourage self-feeding and potty training.  After lunch we always find space for those who need a break from busy nursery life!

photo showing dragonflies feeding themsleves at Longscroft
Longscroft dragonflies nap time photo

Snack time


We provide a healthy snack morning and afternoon consisting of a wide variety of fruit and more filling items such as toast or pitta bread. Milk or water is offered, although children can bring their own bottles of drink if you prefer.

photo showing snack time in Dragonflies at Longscroft
photo of a girl drinking at snack time in Dragonflies, Longscroft

My intellectual development

From story time to counting, encouraging the children in new and interesting ways makes learning fun. Our planning is based on the needs and interests of each individual child, ensuring that they are challenged to reach their full potential. Each month we pick a new topic and incorporate it into all our essential learning tools.

photo of boy in Dragonflies counting at Longscroft
photo of children from Dragonflies playing in a sandpit at Longscroft

Challenging the imagination

Our activities are planned every day based on the interests and development of the children. Activities may include dressing up, role play, messy play, making things, play dough, small world imaginative play, the list could go on and on!

photo of  boy in Dragonflies playing with dinosaurs at  Longscroft
photo showing dragonflies reading in the garden at Longscroft


Getting outside is an important part of our day and we go out whatever the weather! We can choose to spend time in our own free flow garden or explore more widely around the nursery.

I want to play!

photo of dragonflies playing outside at Longscroft
photo showing dragonflies playing outdoors at Longscroft










I love to spend my time being creative and messy! I have worked in childcare for 3 years and recently  passed my
Level IV unit in Creative
Thinking & Learning. I aim to pass my driving test this year.

photo of Gemma who works in Bumble Bees at Longscroft




I have worked at Longscroft for nearly ten years.
I have two girls aged four and one.



I have been working in childcare for over ten years and at Longscroft for five.

In my spare time I like to be outdoors with my 2 year old son, exploring woodlands and the outdoor environments. I love being outdoors!!
I also enjoy cuddling up
with a good book.

photo of Leah in Dragonflies, Longscroft




I have just finished my level 3 health and social care at sixth form and come to longscroft to do my level 3 in early years as an apprentice.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and playing with my dog Sandy.



Hello I am Melanie. I have enjoyed working with young children for many years, having previously worked as a Teaching Assistant for 12 years. I am looking forward to working with the younger children here at Longscroft.



Hi I’m Avril.  I have been at Longscroft for several years doing a variety of tasks but more recently I am giving 1:1 support to some lovely children with SEN.  I particularly like crafts and messy play and at home I like to sew and knit.  When I’m not doing that I like
to ride my bike and go for
 long walks.

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